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Jojoba Oil - Golden

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I love this oil, although it has gotten very expensive lately. There is no match for it in hand lotion and hand cream, it is also excellent in hair care products.
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Jojoba Oil - Golden In-Depth Description Back to Menu

Origin: Native to Northwestern Mexico and Southwestern United States. Currently cultivated in Chile, Egypt, Peru, Israel, Australia, and Argentina.

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis

Extraction method: Cold Pressed [The cold pressed extraction method yields a higher quality oil (more vitamins, minerals etc) compared to extraction methods that use chemicals or heat.]

Color: A deep, vibrant Orange

Aroma: Has a pleasant, mild odor.

Benefits: It is extremely stable as an ingredient in cosmetics. It is also an anti-inflammatory, a fungicide, an antibacterial, a natural antioxidant and a non-comedogenic moisturizer as it does not block pores. Jojoba oil is really a liquid wax and is similar to the sebum which occurs naturally on our skin and scalp and dissolved the sebum that is clogging pores while returning skin to natural pH balance. It is therefore great for acne or scaly, flaking scalp as well as other problematic skin conditions including eczema and dry skin. Lightens and helps to heal scars and stretch marks. It also helps to reduce wrinkles.

Viscosity: Typical and characteristic of carrier oils

Common Uses: Used in cosmetics or directly on skin. Removes makeup, moisturizes dry skin and relieves sunburn. It is also added to shampoos, hair care products, nail products, soaps, lotions, body oils and liquid soaps as it not only aids in cleansing but in conditioning the skin. It has very spreadable and is a great lubricant and so it is popular ingredient in massage and aromatherapy. It is also used as a perfume base and for essential oil dilution and can be added to other oils to extend their shelf life.

Absorption: Creates a barrier but will leave a satiny finish

Shelf Life: It does not seem to oxidize or become rancid and so seems to have an indefinite shelf life.

Cautions: None known but is only meant for external use.

Vitamins / Minerals / Lipids contained: Contains a mixture of wax esters. Its composition is around 66% Eicosenoic, 14% Docosenoic and Oleic fatty acids.

Plant / Oil History: The jojoba has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years. In the 1700�s it was noted by Father Junipero Serra who founded the 21 California missions, that it was being used by the Native Americans for treating burns, cuts and sores and as a diet supplement and when food was not available, an appetite suppressant. It was also used as a skin conditioner and to alleviate sunburn or windburn. It was also considered to be a hair and scalp treatment. A coffee-like beverage was also made by roasting the seeds.

Plant / Oil Description: Jojoba Oil comes from a shrub that grows in the semi-dry and arid areas of California, Arizona and Northwest Mexico. The oil is pressed from the fruit (nut) of the jojoba plant. The shrub can grow up to 15 feet high. It has gray-green leathery leaves and has a root system that goes deep underground and therefore adapts well to drought and desert heat. They flower but the flowers have no petals nor odor and are pollinated by the wind in late March. The flowers develop into fruit by August, becoming completely mature in October. The green fruit then dries in the heat of the desert, its outer skin shriveling up and exposing a brown, soft-skinned seed which is the size of an olive although the seeds resemble coffee beans. The Jojoba can live up to 200 years depending on the surrounding environmental conditions.

Plant Habitat: The Jojoba plant grows best in areas where the temperatures do no regularly fall below 25 F for more than a couple of hours in the night. It also needs between 10-18 inches of annual rainfall. It can grow in many types of soil. These include the soils in mountain slopes, valleys, porous rocks and in slightly acidic to alkaline soils

Storage: Store in a cool, dark area. Refrigeration is ideal.

Where to Buy: You can buy wholesale Jojoba Oil Golden by the gallon at, your favorite supplier for bulk Jojoba Oil Golden.

Is it Edible: is not regulated by the FDA and so cannot recommend any of its products for ingestion.

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Jojoba Oil - Golden MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)Back to Menu

Click Here for Printable Version
Division and Location
Section I - Product Identification:
Product Name: Jojoba Oil - Golden
Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
Section II - Composition::
Composition: Vegetable Oil Triglycerides
Section III - Hazardous Ingredients :
Hazards:Non Hazardous
Risk Phrases:None
Safety Phrases:None
Section IV - First Aid :
Eye Contact:Flush eye with water or standard eye wash solution. Seek medical advice should irritation occur and persist
Skin Contact:Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water
Section V - Fire Fighting Measures
Fire:Recommended extinguishing media � CO2, foam and dry chemicals. DO NOT use direct water jet on burning material.
Flash Point:295°C
Section VI - Accidental Release Measures
This product decomposes biologically. No particular measures are needed therefore, nor any precautions in case of accidental spilling. Whenever a product is spilled, however it is advisable to absorb it with sand, or wood dust to avoid hazardous slipperiness.
Section VII - Handling and Storage
For best warehousing we recommend a temp of 15 to 25°C. Limit oxygenation (air contact). Keep in original containers or plastic-coated containers
Section IIX - Exposure Control & Personal Protection
Exposure ControlIn accordance with good industrial practice: handle using standard eye protection
Personal ProtectionIn accordance with good industrial practice. Handle using standard eye protection.
Section IX - Physical & Chemical Properties
ColorClear, Oil, Light orange liquid
ScentAlmost odorless
LiposolubilitySoluble in Veg oils
Section X - Stability and Reactivity
Stability and ReactivityProduct is Stable under normal circumstances. Just avoid high temperature in warehouse. Product does not decompose under normal conditions
Section XI - Intoxications
Intoxications Not applicable
Section XII - Toxic Effects
Section XIII - Ecological Information
Ecological InformationTo be used under normal, good working procedures, avoid spillage in the environment. When ever possible recover spilled product. When product must be discarded, do so into an authorized dump or recycling service station. Act in accordance with local & national regulations.
Section XI - Preparation Information:
Section XII - Revision Date:
Date: February, 01 2009

The statements, technical information, and recommendations contained herein are reliable, but they are given without warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, we assume no responsibility for any loss, damage or expense, direct or consequential, arising out of their use. expressly disclaims responsibility as to the ordinary or otherwise use(s). Furthermore, as to the fitness for any use should consider nothing container herein as a recommendation. The liability of is limited to the value of the goods and does not include any consequential loss

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Customer Review

I love this oil, although it has gotten very expensive lately. There is no match for it in hand lotion and hand cream, it is also excellent in hair care products.
I have used this oil in several skin care products and love the results.
This is truly one of the best oils for the skin, all day moisture.
I use it on my face as a moisturizer and in my eye cream! It is an awesome product, and at an excellent price!
I use it to deep condition my hair and also to moisturize my face at night. It's really wonderful and a great value!

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